Do we need to talk about Antonio Brown?

Unfortunately, this weeks show was outdated before it even aired. The youngster and old man record the show on Friday evening for Saturday play, and in that time frame the Oakland Raiders; voided Antonio Brown’s $29 million guaranteed money, Brown asked for his release, Raiders released him, and then the Patriots signed him. Whew, what a day before the first Sunday of the NFL season.

We started this show talking about the incident between Antonio Brown and Raiders GM Mike Mayock. During this segment both, the youngster and old man were both baffled to hear that Brown would be ready to play on Monday. The Youngster ripped the Raiders organization for allowing this to continue and the old man once again gripped about a team needing the kahones to do something drastic. (Since the show taped, the Raiders took a stand and released Brown and all of his drama).

Another player making headlines this week was Ezekiel Elliott. Jerry Jones crumbled and made Elliott the highest paid running back in the NFL by signing a 6 year $90 million deal. Neither host had a problem with the money, it was the way that Elliott handled the contract situation. He had two years remaining on his rookie deal and threatened to sit out. Once again, a player controlled an organization. Can Elliott put all of the off the field issues behind him as he inks his $90 million deal?

Many people already have the Lombardi Trophy shined up, boxed and ready to ship to Cleveland. The old man is wondering why, so the youngster went through the Browns schedule. The early season is tough, but it becomes easy down the stretch. Do they have enough wins to make the playoffs?

You can listen in here;

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