Who will win the rematches and play in Super Bowl LIV

One hour to recap the NFL Divisional round and preview the Championship games is just not enough time. Plus, we started the show talking about the MLB sign stealing issue.

For you conspiracy theorists out there. Super Bowl I pitted the Green Bay Packers against the Kansas City Chiefs and now the NFL is ending its 100th season. Does that mean the Chiefs and Packers win this weekend to have a rematch? It could happen, but the old saying “On any given Sunday” is going to come into play.

Derrick Henry is unstoppable in the playoffs and already bulldozed this Chiefs defense earlier in the season. Since that game, the Chiefs defense has done a 180 and is one of the best over the past month. Pat Mahomes was coming off his knee injury in the first match-up and looked like the best quarterback in the NFL carving up the Texans defense after spotting them 24 points. Can the Titans establish Henry early and ride him to the the Super Bowl? Will Mahomes cash in with touchdowns after he moves them up and down the field, or will they settle for field goals? This game has two teams with different personalities and the winner is the one who was able to show that personality for 60 minutes.

Green Bay was humiliated in the bay earlier this season when the 49ers knocked them around enroute to a 37-8 victory. Aaron Rodgers managed a mere 3.2 yards per attempt and the Packers offensive line could not slow down the dominate front of the 49ers. Matt LeFleur looked a bit more creative against the Seahawks as the Packers jumped out to an earlier lead. The Seahawks made halftime adjustments to score a touchdown on their opening second half drive. The Packers struggled in the second half but hung on to advance.

How can the Packers beat the 49ers? The Old Man gives his simple game plan for Rodgers and company.

Listen in at https://www.dropbox.com/s/nmji9qwcsasynb0/Long%20Week.mp3?dl=0

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