What value does the NFL Combine hold in 2020?

The NFL celebrated its 100th anniversary and could be considered the most poplar professional sports league in America. To endure 100 years, the NFL has made changes to the game and integrated technology. Therefore, isn’t it time to make changes to the NFL Combine. There is value to gathering top prospects in one place and grading them before the NFL Draft. Players can improve their draft stock or watch it slide. However, over the next month we will hear about all of the ‘Pro Day’s’ at major universities. How often does an offensive lineman sprint 40 yards down the field? Yet, these huge men are asked to get in a 40 yard stance and run because an NFL scout wants a 40 time. You need to be strong to play in the NFL, but does the number of bench press reps tell me you can line up and beat the man across the line from you? With all of the access to these players throughout their college career, it may be time to revamp the Combine.

The biggest Free Agent is Tom Brady. Brady will be testing the market when his contract with the New England Patriots expires. What teams would be a good fit for Brady? Is he looking for a Super Bowl run, or is it all about the money as his career runs down? When you line up all the starting quarterbacks for playoff contending teams, the Tennessee Titans become the most intriguing. Mike Vrabel; a former teammate of Brady, is the head coach. The Titans made a surprise run to the AFC Championship with Ryan Tannehill leading the way. Could Brady be the answer to get the Titans to the Super Bowl? All of the speculation will end or begin on March 18th.

NFL superstars are voicing their displeasure about the new proposed CBA. The reality is this deal will probably pass because all players in the league will vote. A big sticking point is revenue sharing, which would not be a 50/50 split between the league and players. However, the NFL employees many league minimum players and the average rookie salary is $480,000 and the league minimum salary for veterans is based on years of service. A note to remember, the average length of an NFL career is less than three years.

You can listen in here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d6g42w9tauv3yt9/NFL%20Combine.mp3?dl=0

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