B1G poised to have 10 teams in Big Dance

After sending a conference record eight teams to the NCAA Tournament in 2019, the conference is poised to have ten in 2020. Michigan State and Maryland are near the top of the standings as expected, but how about Bucky Badger claiming a share of the regular season B1G title. This was not expected as many people considered Wisconsin a bubble team at best, an the Old Man wasn’t even sure they would make the tournament. Sunday marks the end of the regular season and when the day is over nine teams will finish with a .500 or better conference record. Indiana finished the regular season at 9-11 but boosts a 19-12 record. In the past, the magic number to make the tournament was 20 wins, so if Indiana can win their first round B1G tournament game they will have notched the all important 20th win. Michigan tips off their last game with 19 overall wins, but have a 10-9 B1G record. Purdue dropped to 16-15 overall after losing its season finale to Rutgers at home on Saturday, which most likely eliminated them from the tournament. Their only hope now is to make a deep run in the B1G tournament, and that is not out of the realm of possibility this year.

The Conference winner or winners (Wisconsin clinched a share and Maryland/Michigan State; 13-6, play their last game on Sunday) will end at 14-6. As the tournament plays on, you could see higher seeds advancing. For example, Rutgers could be having their best year in program history (11-9 B1G, 20-11 overall) and could begin the B1G tournament as the eight seed. Depending on Sunday’s game they could move up. Maryland had a hefty winning streak that vaulted them to the top of the standings and have cooled off to end the season. The point, any of the ten possible tournament teams, and Purdue could advance to the conference tournament final.

You can listen in here https://www.dropbox.com/s/4dd50tjr6g25eag/B1G%20Tech.mp3?dl=0

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